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Children's Ministry

Introduce a child to Jesus - and change their life forever! 

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What We Do – Awesome God Stories

Read stories of the Living Word of God transforming lives

Be inspired by the lives of men, women and children who have come to know Jesus!

We share these stories of transformation, answered prayers and endurance through difficult times in order to demonstrate God's power through His Holy Spirit and His Living Word. We hope these stories help you to see just how great our God, and pray you will be encouraged in your faith! 

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Overflowing with Joy: Kajani's Story

Overflowing with Joy: Kajani's Story

Looking at her smile now, you wouldn't guess that Kajani once summed up her life in one word: painful. This is her story.

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Story:Roopa's Story: Tormented Bride Finds Hope

23-year-old Roopa carries memories of a terrifying tale of torment at the hands of her in-laws that she says no one should ever experience.

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Story:From Sorcerer to Missionary for Jesus

Abasi’s area was overrun with sorcerers and witchcraft. Abasi himself had been taught sorcery from one of his parents’ house guests.

When Abasi went to school in another village, he met Christians for the first time. They shared the Good News with Abasi, but he argued with them because of his belief in sorcery.  

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